Our Silicon Beach Innovation Lab® Leadership Team

Bruce Huang, Ph.D.

Founding Director

Dr. Bruce Huang is a MIT alumnus, former IBM Global Services Executive, and a serial entrepreneur in technology and education. Bruce is passionate about high education and has been an MBA faculty at Walden University since 2009; MIT Education Counselor since 2011; and an MBA mentor at UT Dallas since 2010.

Noel Barnard

Board of Directors

Ms. Barnard is the CEO and founder of CXO Connections. Prior to launching CXO Connections, Noel spent two years as partner with Top Gun Ventures, a premier executive search firm and was responsible for launching the firm's Austin office.

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David Cass

Board of Directors

David Cass is the IBM Global Partner of Cloud Security Services, VP & chief information security officer of Cloud & SaaS Operational Services.

Megan Cramer Fillinich

Navy Liaison

Dr. Megan Fillinich is the chief technology officer at the Naval Surface Warfare Center. Prior to this, she was the deputy program manager for program executive office Integrated Warfare Systems 7.0, Future Combat Systems.

Jeanne Holm

Board of Directors

Jeanne Holm currently serves as the deputy CIO and assistant general manager of the City of Los Angeles, working on issues ranging from homelessness to predictive analytics.

Kimberly Jo

Board of Directors

Kimberly Jo currently serves as the associate chief information officer for the county of Los Angeles. She has been immersed in IT strategy and governance from within the nation’s largest county for the past decade.

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Peter Loo

Board of Directors

Peter Loo currently serves as the chief deputy for the county of Los Angeles. He has years of information technology experience in both the public and private sectors.

Joe Manna

Board of Directors

Joe Manna is currently the CTO of Experian. He has previously held positions as CTO at Live Nation Entertainment and Ticketmaster Entertainment.

Theresa Miller

Board of Directors

Theresa Miller currently serves as the CIO and executive vice president of Information Technology for Lionsgate Entertainment.

Jody Mulkey

Board of Directors

Jody Mulkey is chief technology officer at Ticketmaster. An accomplished technologist and inspirational engineering leader, Jody is known for building high performance systems and teams.

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Israel Niezen

Board of Directors

Israel Niezen is the chief revenue officer of Telescope. His experience spans a number of stages in the startup lifecycle, from pre-idea, to early stage, growth stage, and mid-size mature businesses. He has helped build successful tech businesses, has participated in the selling, buying, and financing of startups.

Gulliver Smithers

Board of Directors

Gulliver is SVP Product & Technology at Sony Pictures Entertainment. Gulliver is an experienced senior technologist with a successful track record of team building, innovation and delivery within digital media.

Eric Yuan

Board of Directors

Eric Yuan is the founder and CEO of ZOOM. Eric was previously corporate vice president of Engineering at Cisco, where he was responsible for Cisco's collaboration software development.

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